Endless Gifts (103)


Our crew, full of great courage and strength, even if they don’t see it themeselves

The gift of 8 days

Sinterklaas tradition starting ship Christmas season and events


A new shelf that makes me feel like I have a new living space… all 7’x7′ of it!

How God provides, exceedingly more than we can ask or imagine, when we step out in obedience and faith

A fun night remember Madagascar and supporting our friends



Leisurely lunch and catching up with a friend

Even though the goodbyes only get harder, the relationships are that much deeper and richer

The way we say “until next time” in this community


Lots of Deck 7 time with Shea before she leaves

Craft night fun with crew, especially Cash kids, and Jamie and Sharon’s thoughtfulness to bring me the material to make some of the crafts

A divine phone call with papa Stefan, “don’t look to the left or the right and get distracted, just look ahead. There’s something brewing inside you.”

Writing out my dreams and believing they will be fulfilled

Free waffles on Friday and coffee made by Dianna





Selling out of my craft at Winter Wonderland, a little more money for my re-entry fund

Material that tells a story



Very thoughtful gift of Togo bread outside my door

Celebrating the Wall family and all the joy and friendship the whole family has brought to this community

Sneaking in to spend the afternoon with the Grade 1 Christmas party

Watching the many ways our community loves well

Annual Cookie Bake and getting to see the kids from the Arbre de Vie orphanage experience Christmas cookie decorating for the first time

All the crew that helped make and decorate cookies with the kids

And all the crew that helped bake and clean up after our crazy massive cookie party!

The screening team is back from their  upcountry trip

Dressember, week 2



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