Endless Gifts (104)

Standing in the gap for friends

Last minute help on a very stressful day

Last meals and coffees and chats and mozzarella sticks with the beautiful Shea

Another beautiful and honoring “until next time” on the dock

Small reminders of friends even after they are gone

Being a part of the Finance team for one more morning 🙂


Katie to sit with the piano tuner and Justine to host Anni while I had a phone call

Men to move the piano

The gift of music and how it blesses and refreshes the soul


Spontaneous caroling with a full room of crew while we wait

Sneaky voice message

A walk off in Reception with Abby and other little moments to remember not to take life too seriously

Men who stand up for what is right and good


Santa Lucia celebration and the crew all singing Silent Night… chills and teary eyes every year

Savoring and freezing memories in my mind’s eye

Successful Gingerbread prep and Caroline’s help to get it all ready

Sneaky, and not so sneaky smiles during the Gingerbread House construction and oh so much candy to eat!

The gift of a photo capturing a very natural moment with a dear friend


The Christmas corner at Erevan and a photo with Santa


An avocado for today

A safe place to vent and process

The way the girls danced with such freedom and joy as they worshiped in their own way


“Come and worship Christ the newborn King”

Laughter with friends over a crazy fun game

Valerie came back

Dressember week 3


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