Endless Gifts (105)

Patients who get to share in our ship traditions

Carols by Candlelight and three years of Christmas memories with Katie


Saved breakfast treats and sneaky coffee traditions

Last hugs with Adalynn, Cora and Jack before the proper dock hugs

The Wall family… their friendship, their service and their big hearts

Hugs after a difficult “until next time”

Friends who understand why the goodbyes are so hard and know the right questions to ask


Windsor’s kindness to let me use her skirt to dry my hands when the paper towels were finished

Laughter after tears

Christmas care packages arrived before Christmas!


A non-leprous containerized Reese’s for the first time in almost 2 years

Shwarma runs without looking at the clock

Fabric shopping and bartering

Femi delivering my container goods when I wasn’t able to go get them

Surviving the Crew Galley and making my favorite cookies

Laura’s incredibly hilarious and kind gift

An unproductive Friday morning and knowing that is perfectly fine


A Christmas Eve wedding with my Sakete friends and that it started and ended on time

Christmas Eve communion

Delivering lonely shoe gifts with Dianna and Amy

Waking up to an overflowing shoe full of sweet treats and thoughtful small gifts

A very kind card and gift from Holland from people I miss

Working in the cafe on Christmas morning


Christmas brunch… with KIWIS!


Even if I couldn’t make it to the orphanage it was a memorable Christmas nonetheless, complete with a mini tornado, thousands of Celestials trying to cross the road, gendermerie yelling and directing traffic and Windsor and I laughing about how the very old man walking was probably going to beat us back

Reminders and stories of God’s provision and constant fulfillment of his promise to give us our daily bread

Ortho kids wobbly walking on Christmas morning at the HOPE Center… straight legs for Christmas, seriously the best Christmas gift!

Sweaty hugs and drooly baby smiles and painful high fives and bright joyful eyes

Introducing Windsor to Open Cabins and teaching her the fine art of the tradition

Dressember week 3

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