Endless Gifts (110)

Girls Bachelor viewing night is back! The first element of the Cameroon Advance team is complete! Lunch with Abby and her encouragement to just make stuff happen A very thoughtful care package and refill of Pop Rocks and a card that encouraged at exactly the right time Another card found on my door with a... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (109)

So so much quality time with my sister... charity shops, cheeky coffees, chocolate biscuits, winter walks and "late" night conversations Raspberries Calmness and cuddles and baking fun with the kids Sunrise coffee and listening to birds sing as I sat cozy on a couch Thinking on legacy and what mine will be An IPA in... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (108)

Laughter at pre-dinner Windsor and Angie and monthly dinners out with them The unveiling of the dress of many colors Eye surgeries have started and patients are shuffling up the gangway to have their sight restored Watching ortho kids walk away from the rehab rent without crutches! The view from window to see said things... Continue Reading →

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