Endless Gifts (106)

Skype calls with all seven nephews and nieces

After Christmas cleaning and sorting to be ready to start 2017 with less stuff

Passing my change management certification course with one day to spare

Harmattan brings cooler temperatures and makes for some interesting views


Happy Cappy who understands the importance of the Funemployment department

Sleep in mornings and introvert days

Celebrating Abby with breakfast at the Sugar Cake and good conversation all around

Morning trip to Ouidah with good company

When someone pays for the bill and when someone else sends a drink

Conversations that make me think deeper and dream bigger

Spontaneous dinner out with Windsor and four hours spent chatting over good food and warm breezes


Zemi rides at night

Pre fire drill laughs…

And missing the surprise fire drill

New donors and affirmations

Lurianne’s sweet heart to bless some of us with holiday hair and feeling a little extra pretty to ring in the new year

Someone cleaning up the leftover gingerbread house mess

Thoughtfulness of Josue to bring Togo bread back

Michael walked by at just the right moment and is tall enough to fill confetti


Pre NYE party sponsored by Lindt and Jason Bourne

Photobooth memories

A fantastic New Year’s Eve party and very fun confetti countdown… so so much confetti…

Lots of hands to help clean up after said funfetti

One year of friendship with Sandrine #teamjackbussy

Chocolate cake and Stumptown coffee for breakfast on New Year’s Day


My cabinmates are back!

Surgeries have started again and another round of plastic reconstructive surgery is starting on Tuesday

Dressember week 4

10 days to Walleyland!

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