Endless Gifts (107)

Quick pack up of all the Christmas decor and deckhands to help move it back to the container

Feeling uncluttered

Chicken strips and fries

Ortho kids starting to get their casts off and the HOPE center that allows them a safe place to run and be a kid


And all those little walkers that our carpenters made for them!


Finding an affordable way to print my blog

An afternoon/evening/night reading through 3.5 years of blogs… The memories, the stories, the growth, the beauty of this floating hospital

The one that got away

The one where a proatitute smiles

That One Time When the President Visited the Ship

The One Where I Have Surgery

11:5 – palliative care miracle

The One Where its Ok

Big Bold Prayers

The One Where I respond to the Ebola Question

Dear Sebastian

All the many friends I have made, the laughter I’ve shared and memories I have over the last few years

Bethany’s authenticity and kindness and shared love of spontaneous ice cream trips

Finding a tiny spoon in the dining room

Ani’s amazing patchwork dress and her hand sewing the finishing touch right in middle of midships


And the petrol smell came out of it

Magnetic ceilings to line dry complicated dresses


3,000th dental patient treated!


An afternoon out with Briana

A small win

That after all flight was cancelled another was available and came with an upgrade to premium class plane ticket

Contacts that bless

Laughing with Shea’s and my cheeks hurting from the smiles

Help cutting, ironing and folding 222 pieces of material for a fundraiser

Watching a new movie

Catching up with Carrie and hearing Connor’s cute little cough


Sunday morning pancakes

The onboarding group made it to Ghana safe and sound

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