Endless Gifts (108)

Laughter at pre-dinner

Windsor and Angie and monthly dinners out with them

The unveiling of the dress of many colors


Eye surgeries have started and patients are shuffling up the gangway to have their sight restored

Watching ortho kids walk away from the rehab rent without crutches!


The view from window to see said things


Borrowing a window every Wednesday

Another airport drop off with Katie

Contacts who come through with and upgrade to premium class and it’s a flawless experience

Seeing contacts at the airport and breezing through all checkpoints

And a reminder of how God totally came through the night Nat Geo arrived in country

Legroom and champagne


Casi Cielo in a red cup and no overwhelmed tears

Missing the freakishly early fire drill on the ship

Free wifi at the airport to stream Gilmore Girls and speculaas cake in Amsterdam

Moon hunting

Miriam cuddles to wake me up in the morning, big hugs from Sam and Hannah and coffee delivered by my sister

Charity shop find to help keep me warm

Saturday breakfast with this cutie


Not absolutely freezing and one amazing down duvet to keep me warm at night

Crisp white snow and sweet kids to enjoy it with

Morning walk to nursery and remembering to take in all the sights and such

Proper whiskey

Boots and sweater dresses


Evening chats with Jenny and John

Homecooked meals and dinner entertainment

Sunday morning at St. Silas and familiar faces

A few days overlapped with my mom

Three cheeky smiles


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