Endless Gifts (109)

So so much quality time with my sister… charity shops, cheeky coffees, chocolate biscuits, winter walks and “late” night conversations



Calmness and cuddles and baking fun with the kids

Sunrise coffee and listening to birds sing as I sat cozy on a couch


Thinking on legacy and what mine will be

An IPA in a frosty glass and a very good burger

Tangible reminders that if I trust, God will be faithful to provide

Natalie’s posts about the Freedom from Fistula clinic in Madagascar

Window shopping and getting excited for the pretty closet I can have in the fall

Actually trying clothes on before I buy them

Watching Shaun the Sheep cuddled with Miriam and Hannah

A little time with just Sam


Teaching the Walley kids This Little Light of Mine while we sat around candles

Affirmation that my frustrations are valid and my ideas are not crazy

Playdoh cakes and a dance show complete with Sam’s Viennese waltz

Cake for breakfast


Last trips to Luss for some walks, lunch by a fire and enjoying the sunbreaks

Getting to watch my sister be a really good mum


A thoughtful sister who gets up at 3:15am to make me coffee before I leave for my early morning flight

A warm taxi on a freezing early morning

Easy flights and connections

A delightful last treat breakfast

Sandrine was on the same flight and helped the 2.5 hour delay go by quickly

Home again… warm midnight air and the familiar sights, sounds and smell of home

Thoughtful notes on my door, a tasty muffin waiting for me and half a shwarma for me

Coming back and seeing that Yasmin now has her casts off and is ready to take on the world!

Yasmine (BEE09154) shows her style both in the rehab tent and on the dock


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