Endless Gifts (110)

Girls Bachelor viewing night is back!

The first element of the Cameroon Advance team is complete!

Lunch with Abby and her encouragement to just make stuff happen

A very thoughtful care package and refill of Pop Rocks and a card that encouraged at exactly the right time


Another card found on my door with a “Treat Yo Self” gift

When I’m in need someone always seem to have the exact thing I’m looking for… like travel size shampoo and conditioner

A cold can of Coke on a long and hot drive

Easy travel and border crossings

Peaceful locations

Dinner so good I didn’t even have time to take a photo


A gift of apples

Morning worship

When real issues are discussed with a heart to understand

Wind that speaks to my soul

Friends who offer to iron my clothes because of how much I hate ironing

Dahlia’s nail polish to save my vanity

A very joyous and happy graduation for our Ghana Onboarding class of 2017

The honor to speak at their graduation

The opportunity to spend more time with the class and be a small part of their experience

The work that God has done and the work God will do through those 12 crew

Pastor Chris and the completely transparent way he teaches and lives his faith out

The beauty in which God brings people together

The ability to sleep anywhere and through anything… like an all night prayer service next door

Reminders of truth


That Benin’s traffic is nothing like Accra’s!

Calmness in a less than pleasant situation

Home again safe and sound with a shuttle to pick us up at the port gate and dinner waiting for us

A hot shower after a very long, hot, dusty and sweaty day of travel

The Abomey trip went well and crew all had a great time

Benin at night


The discovery of black fruit

A challenge to peace and thinking before posting, commenting, etc on social media

A Sunday night meeting that ran long but was full of very good stuff

Wendy’s courage to to share her heart with the community

Hibiscus, mint and honey tea with Mama and Papa Jones

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