Endless Gifts (111)

Last shawarma run with Katie

Peppermint mocha flavor is back in the cafe by gifting of a crew member

Monday Funday waffle night and the lovelies that helped

And then girls night and laughing at ridiculousness with Ivanna and Emma

When things I thought would be a fight turn out to be easy peasy

A batik maker right on my doorstep


Pierre was in the hallway at the right moment and genuinely listened to me then helped me regain clarity reminding me what is important

Celebrating Manda


Knowing who to ask for a favor

The many many memories Katie and I share


Advance tasks have begun and I’m getting that familiar excitement again

Short work weeks

A friend finally got his visa so he can go home with his love

A great article about friendships back home

Seeing my tailor just after I’d bought material

A new beach spot with Bethany


Mosquito nets with weighted bottoms

Great conversation well into the night with Amy and Sandrine and an occasional donkey that sauntered by

So many different birds singing in the early morning hours

The feeling after a day in the sun when you shower and feel clean again

Beach roads


Pineapple boats

A book the sheds light on a difficult and angering issue but offers hope instead of despair

The distant sound of the ocean

Dinner saved for me because of unexpected delays two weeks in a row

Morning sun reflected in still water


There’s always someone to help lend a hand or start your car again

Making it back home with no more issues and a beautiful sunset chasing us

Friends you miss

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