Endless Gifts (112)

Taking the long way to the crew clinic means playing with some plastics kiddos on little cars

Nooma videos and good thoughts

When someone speaks life and encouragement and validates you

Angie saving the meal by finding tortillas

Cupcakes and celebrating community

Stoney’s ginger beer when there’s a bug going round the ship

A challenge to improve things

No line for Thursday night ice cream


Sneaky grocery store run

Nick and Dianna Cash, their example and hearts and all that lies before them and the many people they will encourage, challenge and send out

Rooftop view of the city I call home


Krissy’s inspiration to not just dream big but also to go for it

A phone call with Shea and laughter across the ocean

New TV show to watch on introvert Sunday

When you never run out of things to talk about, you just run out of time in the night

Finally found and had time to stop at the Nutella food truck and it may have been the best Nutella crepe of my life

That Dianna understands

A poolside Saturday with Kirstie at a beloved spot from 2014 Advance

Girl Scout cookies from the Rideouts!

Dock walk with Windsor and her friendship that breathes life and that she also shares stories so very well

©2016 Mercy Ships
©2016 Mercy Ships

An unexpected but oh so meaningful Sunday morning conversation

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