Endless Gifts (113)

A musical chair dinner with some of my favorites

And a very thoughtful and kind card from some of my other favorites

Making friends with Ann-Marie on A ward… playing cards with her and talking about our hometowns

Container day!

The randomness of a day and the comical way someone announces they have quit

Michele’s teaching on communicating across cultures

All vaccines up to date

A friend’s very happy news

The Omojolas have the spice I need and are happy to share

A small group that truly meets a need and a well written blog

Starting to seriously look at what’s next and prepping my resume

Morning dock walk with Windsor and laughing at her stories

A sweet and thoughtful Valentine on my door

Cards from Henry, Elaine, Pete and Stu and reminders of home


The promise and fulfillment of manna… “He will give you all you can possibly need but he will give you nothing that you can lay by to minister to your pride.”

Quick but quality time with Roguy

Friendship so good they even share their Golden Grahams

Sharing with the community about Staff Development and what I’ve been working on and realizing maybe I did make a difference afterall

Friendly and familiar faces in the audience

A new album I can’t stop listening to… “When we can’t, see the way, He will part, the waves, And we’ll never walk alone, Down a red sea road”

Sweet smelling candles, clean sheets and a queen size bed all to myself and no AC, just a ceiling fan and the cool night air

Late night laughs and chats on the veranda with Jon, Ashley and Jill

Micheline’s smile and Lazare’s very happy hug

How God restores hope in unexpected ways

Having morning coffee before I even got out of my PJs

Mind’s eye photo of Jonas and Max sharing one swing, Micheline and Dori sharing another

Sharing my story with the older girls at the orphanage

The amazing work of love that takes place at Arbre de Vie

Home cooking and dinner around a family table with signs of well lived life all around

Iced coffee and iced hot chocolate


Sweet cuddles with Jonas

Storytime with Lazare

That when they say “make yourself at home” they truly mean it

Coming home to dinner with the Cash crew with a place set just for me




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