Endless Gifts (114)

Krissy’s heart for the Peace Corp volunteers and how she finds ways to connect them with the ship

Krissy sharing honestly at the evening Equipping to Serve about her experience living and working in Benin


Delicious local food from Valerie’s

Fondation Zinsou’s invitation for private tours just for our crew

Our infant feeding program and a whole lot of healthy babies


Getting to share with the OR team at their Tuesday morning devotions

And the opportunity to put what I’ve been processing into words

When we become ruined for the ordinary

Sweet little Max


Getting handovers written and ready to deliver

Organizing chaos and creating standards


A really fun sneaky trip to Super U with Emma Cash and heaps of random questions about blinkers, hazard lights, buildings and even the economy

$1.30 dark sea salt chocolate

Vulnerability and honesty breeds trust and love

The encouragement and support of friends around the world but especially today the ones back home

Crazy game night with the girls


So so much laughter with the girls… like tears and snorts and ugly cackles

Finding a new French teacher almost overnight

Intentional friendship and open conversation under fairy lights

Knowing this Cameroon Advance team is going to be amazing (as if there was ever a doubt)


That Andrea offered me a position on Advance so many years ago and allowed me to uncover my dream job

A free coffee

New heels to break in


Dianna’s gift to facilitate discussion and foster team building

Kelly personally making sure my Advance trousers made it into the Crew Mail box and will arrive on time

Finally a vacuum on Deck 4!


A very helpful and kind day crew, even if I wanted to clear my own plate, this kindness was very thoughtful

The Schwinds adoption is officially officially final!


Tiffany blue nail polish

Funny YouTube videos

Couples willing to laugh with each other and let us laugh with them


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