Endless Gifts (115)

When I forget an important factor for Monday Funday someone else remembers and takes care of making sure the lights are off

Discovering bomba tops

How chili powder can improve ship eggs so wonderfully

Pierre’s kind words

The gift of sight and a mama’s smile at seeing her son again for the first time in years

Seeing that son’s eyes well up with joyful tears

Sweet little glasses given to the littlest eye patients

The quiet gasp of a women seeing for the first time in what probably feels like forever

That someone is looking out for me, supporting me and helping me even when I’m completely unaware until after the fact

More Emma Cash questions

Friends who share their pineapple

A fantastic new French teacher

Sneaky Thursday coffee

An invitation to be a part of something special and fun

The opportunities ship kids have and memories they get to make… like greeting First Ladies

Catching up with April and celebrating her podcast launch!

My free bird dress is finally back


Checking all the boxes on my Staff Development Interim Manager goal sheet

Monsieur Leon, my previous French teacher had his surgery and getting to see him when he came to get the stitches out

Finding thoughtful notes on my office door in the morning

The opportunity to share more than 250 words of feedback and feel heard

Windy nights that mean I am gently rocked to sleep

Shamiana girl’s nights with star shaped snacks and free rides there and back


Making it through a ridiculously hot run in the middle of the day and knowing I’ve got the willpower to say no to the excuses

Small moments of play with kid patients waiting on the dock

Spontaneous trip to the craft market resulted in one impulse buy that I love and the silver bracelets I’ve been meaning to get for quite some months


Finding Ali in the market and making a new friend while he hand stamped my bracelets


Fresh coconuts while we waited and warm breezes

My sister’s beautiful ability to make complex truths easy to understand and the opportunity to share one example with our community

Two weeks until Cameroon Advance!


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