Endless Gifts (116)

That well placed make up can a hide a completely sleepless night

Kittens and cheese sticks and coca-cola with lime and a very best friend


Cooler weather and an evening run

Celebrating Ani and honoring this woman who has become a part of my Benin family

Girl talk and first date stories over tea in a cozy family cabin

That there is always someone who can help make you feel beautiful

Twinning friendship outfits with Abby


Ginger candies on unwell days

How God cares about even making the silly desires happen for us

Lighthearted laughter and easy conversation

A big colorful bus, even if it didn’t go exactly as planned


An principle who helps make the wait a little more fun


Tom found my Nalgene bottle

Angie saved me dinner when I wasn’t able to finish up with the tailor’s visit before dinner ended

The rain before the fire drill so it wasn’t as hot as it could be

Possibly my last fire drill!


That the pharmacy on board preps all our meds and first aid kit for five months so I don’t even need to think about packing paracetamol or band aids

One more bag of mine will make its way home thanks to Molly and Bethany

Hilarious videos from Wendy

Waffle number 1 with some extra special toppings

There is always a solution and always a shared experience to be had and a memory to be made

Three friends who worked quickly to come up three new options

Sweet big smiles from happy kids and the very special visitors from Arbre de Vie


The many people who just jumped in and helped wherever it was needed from filling water bottles to picking up people at the port gate to serving food

A friend who had confidence when mine was spent

Windsor recognizing the why and helping me to move on

Ice cream and friendship

“You’re too strong a woman to ever do that”

Local dinner with long time friends and long laughs

One week until Cameroon


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