Endless Gifts (117)

Advance team dinner

Behind the scenes photos captured by Suzanne #teamjackbussy

All the work our IT team does to make sure we are set up and good to go for Advance

That Briana is here to keep things going

An unexpected ride to Thai dinner

Francis Chan’s devotion on sitting with God

Girl’s night at Shamiana and laughing until I cried


Roguy’s friendship and advice

Time with an old friend and a reminder to keep dreaming big

“God is not a man… he doesn’t forget what you’ve done”

A last small group and finding the Paul Matthies sermon series

A thoughtful bottlecap and note and firecracker chocolate when I needed a smile


A last dock walk with Windsor and oh the laughs

Being commissioned for Advance and Nick’s prayer for our team

Knowing that friendship isn’t limited by location

Amazing and beautiful women who inspire me


Sweet cards from the kids at Arbre de Vie and last hugs and cuddles and photos

A last Beninoise and moto ride


Silver bracelets ready on time and with no hassle and the offer to polish my necklace for free


Sneaky sugar cake run and an almost heaven coffee delivery

A last minute hair appointment made

Coffee served on a pretty saucer

Bittersweet goodbyes and one last beautiful dress from Ani





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