Endless Gifts (118)

Watching the Benin patients walk onto the ship one last time before I left

How leaving Benin feels like leaving home 

Deuteronomy 31:8 – The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”

Sandrine heats the water each morning so quick cups of coffee

Cool weather and green trees and sweat less days

Nate cooks dinner for us and how good home cooked meals are

Personal space and two windows that open

Safe flights and uneventful travel including room to relax a little 

Finding a good cup of coffee 

Drivers available and able to pick us up and drop us off so need to deal with taxis 

Sandrine’s grace and patience and confidence

Nate’s discernement in when to talk and when to listen 

A completely ridiculous and hilarious goodbye card

A sweet gift of material

A sweet blog and request for prayer 

A last minute hair cut

So, so many hugs goodbye and some “see you soons” too because a friend will not say never 

Deep fried turkey to look forward to

Tears mean it’s real

Dianna Cash

Kind and thoughtful and encouraging words 

Safe flights and empty seats next to me

Someone to meet us and take us to the grocery store and “home” 

The police that made sure we weren’t hassled  

Last taste of Togo bread 

The sound of a rainstorm as I fall asleep 

Grocery shopping at Casino and familiarity of Congo memories 

Notes found in the black box

Finding a way to make letter writing fun

Immigrations process started

Though it might be frustrating at times, contacts really do have good hearts and want to help move things along 

Sunlight, lots and lots of sunlight 

My bag was 29.9 of my 30 kg allowance 

Movie night and turning off the brain for a little bit

Red dirt… always in happy to see red dirt under my feet again

Sleep in Saturdays and breakfast is whatever time I get up 

And a fan to keep the room cool

Sandy and Sharon who prepared the firsts aid kit and IBF and homemade ice packs for when I randomly throw my back out

Care packages and sweet treats and reminders of deep friendship 

Sandrine’s kindness to look for a medicine and to take care of me 

Team dinners

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