Endless Gifts (119)

The sky after a storm


When the money balances out perfectly

Viewing the first episode of the The Surgery Ship and the reminder just how beautiful and amazing the work we do is

When taxis are easy to catch and getting one just before the rain starts

“Be caught serving Jesus and loving outlandishly”

Chocolate bars and happy face cookies on a long bus rides


Hannah can see clearly now

A kitty to keep me company at breakfast


Really really good and restful sleep without feeling like bugs are all over me

Finally working with business and how smoothly it goes

That Ani is still just as busy even after I’ve left and Andrea and Dahlia to help facilitate everything


Anti-nausea bands that really work

First glimpses of Douala

That a tough day is just that… just one day out millions

A kind police officer to make phone calls for me

Reminders to laugh and choose joy


Fun meetings in an airplane hanger and hearing about other ministries and what’s happening in Cameroon


A ride to the hard to find hanger

One bank account open and ready

A nice and comfortable taxi ride and sharing about Mercy Ships to another passenger who’s never heard of us and the look of “wow” on his face

Getting to be a part of April’s podcast project – listen here!

A lovely reminder from a lovely friend

Quick translations from far away

Lazy Saturdays and afternoon naps

Exploring Yaounde with Sandrine

Willow, my little porch pet



Laundry day and sunny afternoons to line dry clothes in just a couple hours

Time to read a book and be still


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