Endless Gifts (120)

When hard work pays off and fighting for someone works 

How KJ got her groove back

Patience in a very tiring afternoon

Screening training is finished and Nate and Denny’s diligence and patience to do it well

Georges at Cabtal who helped with the printing of the day crew applications… easiest printing experience in all the advances I’ve been a part of. 

That wave of patriotism that comes over me when I see the American flag at the US embassy and spend a couple hours feeling very American 

Nana and Tegan… finally, beautifully  and perfectly 

Unexpected new friends

A glass of wine on a rooftop always tastes better

The chance to hear more about how others are answering the problem of obstetric fistula in Cameroon

Nate’s calmness and Sandrine’s take charge-ness during the 2017 bee incident 

A quality and clean health clinic open 24/7 to go too

Very little traffic en route to the clinic

Sandrine staying with me at the clinic into the wee hours of the morning then coming back with me a few hours later to settle the bill 

When brunch happens

Movies that make you think 

When big risks pay off and I watch God fill in the gaps

Red dress days

30 screening phones ready to go

Clean water and plenty of it

When the taxi driver knows exactly where to go

Team dinners and taxi rides 

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