Endless Gifts (121)

Taxi Tetris and making it to the bus station right on time

Wendy and Michele’s support and friendship and that they just get it

Breakfast outside 

No more worms or mothy bugs or snails or other creepy crawlies

Uneventful travel to Douala and quickly getting settled into the new place

Walking home in the rain while a thunderstorm rolls in from the sea

Back in a port city and feeling at home

Discovering new local spots and food

When a project continues even after I’ve left the ship 

Brent’s words years later, “you’re smart, you’re funny and gosh darn it, you’re not a whore”

Being spoiled with really good home cooked dinners 

Police and private security guards to look out for me 

When I can tell a contact is going to be amazing and suddenly a daunting task seems oh so simple

When the money balances easily

Sandrine’s example to take time for myself 

The taste of saltwater on my lips, the feel of sea breezes in my hair and the feeling of sand slipping out from under me as the waves crash over the shore 

How KJ got her tan back

That the travel to Kribi was totally worth it 

Catching up on the Freakanomics podcast on two very long bus rides

An amazing and unforgettable glimpse into the ship Easter service 

The mile marker that lets me know I’ve only got 30 more minutes in a sweaty, smelly, tiring bus ride

Finding a good burger and knowing all will be ok

Business that are easy to work with and excited about Mercy Ships

Windy messages

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