Endless Gifts (122)

Peeps from the Cash kids and kickass reminder from the Cash mama

The first element is all together and ready to go
When the really amazing contact really is that amazing and ensures VIP treatment

The first patient registration came in and then so many more after it

Finding a really good pizza and hummus spot

Sadat, who does so much extra work for us and who really understands the project

Finding the perfect taxi driver to take us around town

Officially introduced and free to move around and start getting things done (click here to see news clips! French (Start at 34 min) or English (start at 15min)

And a fan to keep the sweat in check

Dianna’s kind willingness to coordinate the daddy daughter dance on the ship and the hands that helped

That God hasn’t asked me to be Wonder Woman, what he has asked is honesty, openness and contrition.

Hilarious house hunting with Sandrine and Saturday morning trips to visit potential sites

Connecting and networking and things coming together

2am rainstorms and watching incredible lightening from a safe and dry place

Men of integrity and the example they set

Emmanuel at the US Embassy who has gone above and beyond to help us in house hunting

Bargaining from Cameroun on Facebook Messenger with Justine in Benin

Hysterical laughter with Abby about our futures (who as we aren’t Proverbs 31 women 😉

People magazine and Reese’s PB cups from Laura

The knowledge that even when I don’t feel enough God is for me

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