Endless Gifts (126)

Finally having a bed not just a mattress on the floor and Augustine who made it up so nice for me

Beets in the salad

Ruthless Trust by Brennan Manning and the unique, refreshing and free way it makes me think

Another quote on the hallway mirror


A morning taxi driver singing Boyz 2 Men with a lot of passion

Coconut chocolate chip cookies

A really fantastic meeting with the DG of the Douala airport and his staff

Checking a couple things off the Ops Checklist

DHL’s really amazing cadeau


Beautiful curtains and no more security light blasting into my room

Reminders and encouraging notes on the wall

Some of the crazy is working itself out logically

Moulin de France’s free wifi

When someone recognizes something went wrong and apologizes

Nate brought up the night tables to our rooms

Banana bread and honey tea on an especially frustrating day

Finally getting a much needed sneaky coffee if it was missing a sneaky friend

That there is always a way to fix any problem, just have to look at it from every angle and know who to write a letter to

“You’re remarkable” on a day where I felt unremarkable

When the living room smells of fresh and clean laundry

Discovering a little jazz club and forgetting where I was for a couple hours


Waking up to a terrible but amazing rainstorm on Saturday morning

Dreaming for the future

Ali in Benin is making my funny bracelets and Abby will pick them up so someone can bring them to me in Cameroon… supporting small business wherever I go!

Safe travels for Sandrine and Caroline

Living in a safe neighborhood where we can walk at night

Watching a random parade from the sidewalk

Caroline’s quick translations even while in Benin

GIF chats with Dianna and sharing a hilarious video clip with her and Andrea

Its only just few months until I can binge watch a TV show while eating waffles with Wendy


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