Endless Gifts (127)

Having things to look forward to, including a trip to Florida to see Wendy

Realizing any online purchase I make now won’t come with extra shipping charges and my parents who are willing to keep said purchases for me until I come home

Contacts who come to me so I don’t have to take a taxi to sign one small document

When the DG of a business partner gets involved and moves things very quickly

The emergency visa process is worked out and good to go

Wifi! (Slow is better than nothing)

Netflix works in Cameroon

Caroline back safe and sound

sweeg reminders of home and another home and still another home


The night manager at the airport who escorted me around the airport to pick up Caroline and made sure we go to the taxi safely

Calvin who picked us up late at night

Having a local food buddy

A first morning run in Cameroon

Running outside a port… there are trees people. Trees.

Renée arrived safe and sound

The lost iPhone was returned

Paying for my last taxi for awhile because we finally got the cars!

The guys at the flower market who cheered as we drove by in our new cars

Celebrating the cars with Swiss cake and Indiana Jones movie night

Dinner by the river and picking out my fish

Sandrine arrived safe and sound

Saturday installation of the temporary plaques


Renée, Liz and Caroline’s help to assemble the cars

A like minded friend and being able to be a safe place to vent

Getting to be a part of the Cash’s goodbye pool party and Windsor’s help to make it happen



A perfectly recreated dress by Ani and sweet treats brought by Caroline, including home made chocolate chip cookies

Brunch hunting


A part time job and place to live has been worked out for when I come home

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