Endless Gifts (131)

Hearing someone play piano from the open window and reading by candlelight Getting a bill paid even if it did take a lot of effort and mental energy The fresh sound of rain and the cool breeze it gave so I could sleep UHT milk doesn't go bad, even after 3 days The HR team... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (130)

Safe travels between Douala and Yaoundé Lord knows I need coffee to start the day and finding just the right person to share some with at SIL When a morning pep talk becomes unnecessary Fresh mornings in Yaoundé where I'm actually cold Sadat and the Commissaire's extra late work outside business hours to get our... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (129)

Contacts in Benin who connect the dots in Cameroon  Delayed containers means a few extra days to get the exoneration without the stress of looming storage fees  Parking spots big enough for the beast cars ... I mean Land Cruisers  A kind guard who let me sneaky park in the employee garage and I avoided... Continue Reading →

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