Endless Gifts (129)

Contacts in Benin who connect the dots in Cameroon 

Delayed containers means a few extra days to get the exoneration without the stress of looming storage fees 

Parking spots big enough for the beast cars … I mean Land Cruisers 

A kind guard who let me sneaky park in the employee garage and I avoided getting stuck in the torrential downpour when I came out of the office 

Patience with slow wifi in the White House and memes to make me laugh at it

Anther trip booked and knowing I’ve got some Tami time in a few months 

Being considered a regular at Moulin de France 

Finally getting the Toyota meeting 

Caroline fixes the water filter so now I’m not so dehydrated and cranky 

Roadside service to fix the official plaques 

Jesus time at the gym with a Village church sermon… “No one can out-sin the grace of God” -Matt Chandler 

Edmund’s timeliness on a rushed afternoon

The Colonel’s kindness to find us reliable and safe taxis for crew

That moment when someone realizes I’m not here just to smile but I actually know what I’m talking about 

Figuring out that WhatsApp is the way to the businessman’s schedule here 

The AC is fixed!!! 

An opportunity to see how I’ve grown my character 

A DG who says, “Ok, how many free storage days do you want?” 

N’ice Cream runs and discovering they do in fact have black chocolate ice cream (twice in one week!)

Easy parking 

Ponseti pallets cleared and securely stored 

Manda’s super exclusive concert at the White House 

Finding the perfect breakfast in Douala 

All the discounts Caroline is getting for the crew 

Really good stories that stick with you and leave you uncomfortable 

Rainy and relaxed sundays 

Fabric shopping and maybe discovering a new tailor (though I really think Ani is irreplaceable!)

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