Endless Gifts (130)

Safe travels between Douala and Yaoundé

Lord knows I need coffee to start the day and finding just the right person to share some with at SIL

When a morning pep talk becomes unnecessary

Fresh mornings in Yaoundé where I’m actually cold

Sadat and the Commissaire’s extra late work outside business hours to get our extended visas into the passports

a really great brunch after an especially thought to get up and get going morning


Snacks served at a very long meeting

How Sandrine remains so calm in very tense situations

First speaker for the country briefings confirmed!

When Chewbacca is your taxi driver


A really productive and successful meeting after a very frustrating day

Handshake agreements and strong partnerships that afford such agreements

My brave nephew’s first sermon

When you go out when you’re not feeling it but end up having  great time


When dinner starts with an amuse-bouche

Dreaming of Canlis

Bibimbap and memories of incredible friends in Mada

Suzanne’s safe arrival


A new room means a great new roomie and a new mattress to break in

Finding a new tailor who is almost as good as Ani (but not quite)

Caroline offering to drive to the gym

Beignets on Sunday morning after the gym and remembering a Sunday morning tradition with my dad


That still quiet voice that reminds He will fill in the gaps

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