Endless Gifts (131)

Hearing someone play piano from the open window and reading by candlelight

Getting a bill paid even if it did take a lot of effort and mental energy

The fresh sound of rain and the cool breeze it gave so I could sleep

UHT milk doesn’t go bad, even after 3 days

The HR team is getting some really good yes’s

Getting out of the house for a few minutes and getting a coke

Sparklers on a Monday just because

Cooler days without power

Positive attitudes on the team when we are without power

Checking the little things off the to do list

When the power comes back on

Getting to visit the HR team and have a feel good moment

Adventures with Caroline

A parking spot at DHL

When god fills in the gap and the right person walks by at the right time to help Sandrine with an issue

Showing up in person at the office gets the ball rolling a lot faster than endless phone calls

Gym membership helps break up some of the boredom

A awkward but very nice lunch with a contact

Seeing Mercy Ships ads in town

A rainy Sunday trip to the maritime museum

Invitations to join family dinner with no hidden agenda or motive, just good food and drink

New clothes from the tailor are finished

Going into another trip to Yaoundé feeling prepared and ready for whatever awaits us

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