Endless Gifts (136)

The Day Crew are officially ready to go The HR team that worked so hard to get all the Day Crew and stand by Day Crew all set and ready for the ship Ethiopian coffee The HOPE center and how beautiful the renovations are Quick and easy move to a new room Quick workouts that... Continue Reading →

The One about “What’s Next?”

Living in a transient community as I have, there are a lot of discussions around change and returning well and knowing when its time to go. Life is always full of difficult decisions and fear can paralyze. I am thankful that for me this was not the case. I did wrestle with my decision to... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (135)

How quickly things get sorted when a last minute trip to Yaounde is called for Joan being willing to drive in circles around Bonanjo while I was at the bank so I didn't have to deal with parking Discovering an unwatched movie on my Netflix downloads when I ran out of podcasts on the bus... Continue Reading →

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