Endless Gifts (132)

Sandrine’s wisdom to see what’s really going on and patience to listen to me even while her inbox piled up with important emails

When an awkward meeting goes better than anticipated

Easy meeting at the US embassy after a day of not the easiest meetings

Safe travels between Douala and Yaoundé with four fantastic ladies


“Humility and honesty are really the same thing. A humble person is simply a brutally honest person about the whole truth.” -Richard Rohr

“The humble woman is grateful for her successes but not disheartened by her failures” – Brennan Manning

Ponseti pallet officially and finally exonerated

Sitting and watching fireflies at night and butterflies in the morning

Finally getting the all airport staff meeting

Meetings inside the Port and feeling right at home

The amazing discovery that Moulin does take any coffee… oh the feeling of beloved routines like stopping for coffee on the way to a meeting 


Runs without an iPod that still help to clear my head and create a plan

When my brain power runs out and the best plan I can think of isn’t the best and someone else can help me figure it out even better

Knowing I don’t have to make the next Yaoundé trip alone, even though neither of us want to go

That July is here and things are really going to get started

Randomly finding cheesecake for Renée on Canada Day


The mental picture of a taxi convoy and how it makes me laugh every time

Working with Evariste and Maurice at Medlog and their professionalism, honesty and efficiency

Tropical fruit salad so good I’m ruined for fruit back home home


The moment finally came when a contact spoke to me in perfect English instead of French and I knew I’d won him over

Meeting Janet and her kindness to help us find things and contacts here

Trying out Maison H and not being disappointed at all

Relient K – God

Will and Summer working so quickly to get documents ready and sent over to Cameroon

A kind Director who waived a substantial fee that he really didn’t have to

Manda’s willingness to get up super early to take us to the bus station

Finally getting to watch Rogue One thanks to an iTunes gift card 🙂

Being thought of


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