Endless Gifts (133)

Toblerone and encouragement waiting for us early on a Monday morning


Even though it felt worthless, the one day Yaounde trip was not in fact a waste of time

Prayers from around the world and even if the answer wasn’t what I wanted being supported sure helped

Finally getting a row to myself on the bus back to Douala

How a pain choco and Nescafe cappuccino can make a rough morning a little brighter

Getting to sleep in my own bed at the end of a very long and discouraging day

Reading back through my Endless Gifts and being reminded what’s important and to shift my perspective

Well placed compliments throughout a day

Celebrating 4th of July with a proper burger, a good beer and a little sparkle

The documents were finally signed

Boldness to approach the throne and lay it all out

Caroline’s early morning taxi service and Sandrine’s late night taxi service

Safely surviving two one day trips to Yaounde

Podcasts, thank you Lord for podcasts

When a stranger overhears a conversation and helps even though they have no reason to

Celebrating Renee on her birthday

“Where you are in the circumstances of your life is God’s gift to you.” – Matt Chandler

Delicious and artistic desserts from Maison H

Connecting with just the right people to get the right information and maybe even get an unexpected need met

Pretty sunsets through trees


The mobile contract request was submitted on time

A weekend completely to my introverted self and feeling back on track

That everyone on the team was able to relax and unplug this weekend

Skype date with my sestra

The life and the example that Tom Waechter was and how very thankful I am he was a part of our Mercy Ships family



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