Endless Gifts (135)

How quickly things get sorted when a last minute trip to Yaounde is called for

Joan being willing to drive in circles around Bonanjo while I was at the bank so I didn’t have to deal with parking

Discovering an unwatched movie on my Netflix downloads when I ran out of podcasts on the bus

Beignets from Joan

Persil laundry soap because it smells like Walleyland and that makes my heart feel at home even when so far away

Staying in the city center instead of commuting and how easy it was to get very last minute meetings

Finding one of my favorite movies (MiB) on TV in Yaounde and in English!

The 25 documents were actually signed even if it meant I had to run around and reprint and resign them “just in case”

The taxi driver who took pity on me and drove me “aller et retour” for half price because of how many times he’d seen me go back and forth

When the same driver was shocked to learn I was American not French because my French is so good

Really great meetings that confirm really good deals

Katie Stull and Dianna Cash being just a quick FB message away even if they aren’t just down the hall anymore

Waking up and getting to watch the news while I get ready

Chatting with the Customs Director for an hour and half while he signed the temporary admission documents and discovering a lot “its a very small world” things about him

An Amazon gift card means I have new running shoes that will be waiting for me when I get home

Coming back from Yaounde and putting a lot of check marks on the wall

An uneventful bus ride home and a dead sleep for half of it

Another safe arrival of another team member, and the Swiss chocolate arrived safe and sound too

Kind words I needed to hear from Kirstie and her continual encouragement throughout these last four months

Free and fast wifi at the XO Club so I could finally process the first Day Crew pay

Being remembered by the waitress and not having to ask to keep the bottle cap or explain why I wanted it

Knowing that everything will work out just fine because Medlog knows exactly what they are doing

Manda was available and able to come to a meeting about the ship vehicles and then his willingness to run a few more errands

Sherlock, chocolate, fleece blanket and a cozy Friday night

A great workout and time to process and get excited about new opportunities

Adventuring and searching for Advance material and ending at Maison H for coffee and eclairs

Finally getting to wear one of my Ani dresses

“We need people less and love people more.”

People in the world who are doing really amazing things and have really amazing vision


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