Endless Gifts (136)

The Day Crew are officially ready to go

The HR team that worked so hard to get all the Day Crew and stand by Day Crew all set and ready for the ship

Ethiopian coffee

The HOPE center and how beautiful the renovations are

Quick and easy move to a new room

Quick workouts that melt stress away

A most amazing sandwich from the Lebanese bakery

Also fresh and warm beignets and good coffee and refreshing conversation with Sandrine

Quick and easy 1500km check up for the four Land Cruisers

Seeing two very big mountains move

Discovering I’ve got some really great map drawing skills

Manda was able to come to another meeting for the vehicles and give on the spot insight if something would be an acceptable solution or not

Ships chandlers were selected

Map hunting with Caroline and that she appreciates my running commentary on what I see as we drive

When Liz motivates me to go to the gym when I really don’t want to

How Renee is able to quickly adapt to a new challenge with a can do attitude and a laugh

When processes that were going to be difficult become very simple when the right document is presented and the right question asked

Slowly winning over the port secretaries

Lots of little check marks on the my big to do list

Keith’s encouragement and thoughtful words to all of us on the team and that he is always ready and willing to support us in big and small ways

New wifi in the White House which is nothing short of amazing

A perfectly delightful last team dinner at Le Bistro Latin… baked tomato mozzarella, pepper zebu steak and chocolate fondant

Getting dressed up because we can

Really good conversation about life and all that other good stuff with Renee

Finding a quiet and peaceful spot

Ali’s courage and strength to speak out on behalf of Ethan

The safe arrival of Martha, Jeremy, Clementine, Koffi and Chuck

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