Endless Gifts (140)

Katie saving me dinner after a long airport run When the customs process at the airport works like a dream A thoughtful and fun crew mail surprise Unpacking my cabin and finding long lost ship clothes I love And finding my stash of pop rocks... life is better with pop rocks Smooth and quick handovers... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (139)

Golden Grahams and that Caroline thinks of the little things that make us smile All the dresses turned out beautifully Ice cream for dinner one the eve of the ship's arrival After a tearful night of facing overwhelming fears about the future two very tangible reminders that God will provide Duct tape to fix a... Continue Reading →

Endless Gifts (138)

A police convoy and Manda's willingness to change his plans and drive Sandrine, Liz and I in the convoy A scalp massage from Caroline That we saw the giant spider in the car close enough to the house in time to turn around and switch cars We finally got the berth and all the Port... Continue Reading →

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