Endless Gifts (137)

Another contract signed, an MoU signed and still another contract signed

SIM cards collected and assigned

Getting the bus with extra legroom again

Pain choco and no cockroaches!

Wine by the glass, good pizza and via coffee

When time slows down and somehow I’m able to get everything down and cross town multiple times

Finding my new favorite Yaounde taxi driver at just the right time

The woman at the print shop remembered me and made quick work of my printing

A file was finally fully accepted on the first go

Liz coming up with good solution to a frustrating problem

Joan waiting over an hour without complaint for Liz and I when our bus was delayed

Martha making coffee in the morning and coming downstairs to that fresh coffee aroma

A rather memorable three our mission with three Police Commissioners

The ship is sailing! The ship is sailing!

A very kind gesture from my contact at Brussels Airlines

A long and solid sleep

“The peace that God will guard your freaking heart.” and wisdom from a good friend

How a cold Coca-Cola can help restore balance on a day when my comfort and stability were challenged

Dinner buddies

Dark chocolate ice cream for dinner

A weekend full of work but starting the week feeling good and ready

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