Endless Gifts (138)

A police convoy and Manda’s willingness to change his plans and drive Sandrine, Liz and I in the convoy

A scalp massage from Caroline

That we saw the giant spider in the car close enough to the house in time to turn around and switch cars

We finally got the berth and all the Port workers who worked extra to get it finished

Maurice working late into the night to make sure we got our container delivered

The guys that delivered the Advance container to the dock at almost 11pm and in the pouring rain

Renee staying up late and going to the port with me

Final check marks on the to do list… visa letters, more SIM cards, lassiez-passers …

Renee making eggs for everyone on Friday morning

Rainy Sunday podcast church:

“The reason God accepted you just as you are is not to leave you the way you are, but so that he could transform you into who he wants you to be.”

“Transparency, which translates to humility, is an invitation for your Heavenly Father to show up in an unimaginable and real way in your life. Drop the image and allow me to go to work in your life.”

“I’m not asking you to be Moses, I’m asking you to be strong and be brave. And I want you to step into who I’ve called you to be not into who other people want you to be.”

“Failure really ain’t so bad afterall. Chasing failure took me further than chasing success ever did.”

Finding a very important but very lost email

An easy process at the end of a long and complicated process

How helpful Mr. Bessalo is

Irene working so many hours to make sure we had the letter we needed and on time

Martha’s servant heart

The plaques came and Mr. Valentine who pushed to get it done on the weekend

Team brunch at Maison H

Eric was available to do some important printing on the weekend

Afternoon drinks and Mexican food with Renee and Liz

A Team Jack Bussy moment on the dock, just like old times

2 more sleeps!

That God really does care about the little things that only make a real difference to me but mean so very much

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