Endless Gifts (139)

Golden Grahams and that Caroline thinks of the little things that make us smile

All the dresses turned out beautifully

Ice cream for dinner one the eve of the ship’s arrival

After a tearful night of facing overwhelming fears about the future two very tangible reminders that God will provide

Duct tape to fix a shoe

Sandrine’s calm wisdom and quick thinking

The ship arrived!

Suzanne playing offical A-Team photographer and capturing the joy of arrival day

When the wifi auto connects to the ship

When people pick up the phone when you really need them to

A good sleep on my princess bed after a lot of sleepless months

Audrey’s prayer, kindness, understanding and hug (and plate of food)

Martha ironing my dress

People willing to jump in and help wherever needed to get things set up and ready

So so much flexibility and understanding

Immigrations went as fast as they said they would and the police officers who worked extra to get the visas issued

Sandrine’s help to process and her understanding in a frustrating situation

Money, internet and cars all went as according to plan as they could

My bed was fixed

A lazy Saturday afternoon and the return of retirement dinners

The rain held off and the car inspection finished on time

All the airport runs went well and the processes are working just fine

When airport runs turn into an opportunity to catch up with friends


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