Endless Gifts (140)

Katie saving me dinner after a long airport run

When the customs process at the airport works like a dream

A thoughtful and fun crew mail surprise

Unpacking my cabin and finding long lost ship clothes I love

And finding my stash of pop rocks… life is better with pop rocks

Smooth and quick handovers

A sneaky project with ma sestra

A coffee card from the Supply department

20 uninterrupted minutes in Sandrine’s office

Patients showed up!

Finally getting the HOPE Center wifi box


Giggles in the patient waiting area and tangible reminders of what the last five months was for

Getting one last really good impossible

A great tour with MSC Cameroun

Sleep, glorious sleep and quietness

“You’ve done good and if you don’t do anymore here you’ve done enough. You are valued.”

Knowing that rest is coming


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