Endless Gifts (141)

Coffee and a review with Sandrine and that even after five months of working and living together we’re still friends

Pizza and laughter with Bethany and Angie and getting off ship for a little bit

All six seasons of Game of Thrones were on movie night

Getting to show off our ship and hospital to some of my contacts


Kate’s willingness to practice the tour route by hosting some of my tours and that I didn’t have to talk so so much

Getting to donate blood on the ship one last time


Hallway conversations

Quick drives around town with Martha

Sweet “Thank you” macarons

A thoughtful gift from Miranda to keep me warm in my arctic cabin


Hospital open house with Michele and the many laughs and interesting opportunities to try things out (like a ride on a CT scanner)

A surprise “no charge” lunch at Maison H and quality time with Caroline

Being remembered

A perfect sunny day for my very last hospital evacuation/fire drill

Having my beach chair, kindle and sunnies for said drill that was extra long

A last dentist appointment and Dave’s thoughtfulness to work on the weekend for some of us who needed it before the clinic opens

And that the dental clinic is up and running and looks like a proper clinic

unnamed (4)

Leftover french toast casserol when lunch plans fell through

Dinner conversations with substance

When I am surprised by people’s kindness and I am reminded that first impressions are not the whole sum of a person

Cookies, tea and Manda leading worship in the cafe

Finally on the departure board



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