Endless Gifts (142)

The hospital is open and already legs have been straightened and tumors have been removed!


Taking a lap around the ship and boutiquing with Bethany… and all the other retirement community activities she shares with me

Amazing food from the Immigrations police

Starting to fill up my calendar with friends and family events

Surviving my last Yaounde trip and seeing one more impossible

Not realizing the bats that live in the office at the Ministry of External Relations until after my five months of meetings there

Getting to watch a beautiful sky on the drive back from Yaounde

Suzanne’s thoughtfulness

A thoughtful card on my door after a thoughtful prayer from a friend back home

When the little things I think are too silly to actually ask for but somehow someone still knows and makes it happen

Random stops to Andrew’s office and lots of laughs and few face palms

When an idea from years ago finally takes off

When a ship tour does what five months of talking couldn’t … changing hearts right in front of me and a partnership takes an even better turn

Debriefing session with Rachel and giving myself permission to cry a little and feel all the feels from a difficult five month Advance

April’s podcast is back for season 2!

Isaiah 43:19 – See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

When an unexpected matching gift comes through and the another affirmation that it’s all going to be ok

When meetings end on time

Wisdom from Ann Voskamp delivered by Kirstie in Community Meeting

A successful cabin sale and one step closer to packing up my ship life

When God continually reminds me how little my faith is and how big his love is

Last fabric shopping and craft market run with Bethany

Last Fringe night with the girls


Getting to take Sandrine to the airport one more time, even if I had tears in my throat the whole time

Checking off another item on my Mercy Ships bucket list… Barki noodles, and spending some time with a family again

A beautiful sunset viewed from Deck 8… just like old times in Guinea


An amazing and exciting trip to Disneyland to look forward to

Sunday brunch with some of my girls

Photos on the dock with Suzanne and her playfulness and ability to capture a variety of really beautiful shots… just a very sneaky peak

Kind and thoughtful words from Andrew, Sandrine and Kirstie

That Tabasco sauce covers a multitude of food sins


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