The One about the Best Hallway in the World

Today I sat in the Crew Clinic and waited to see the doctor and while I waited the sweetest ladies with the biggest smiles came singing and dancing down the hallway, each one in a bright hospital gown. Each one of them with a new future because they’ve received a surgery to correct their obstetric fistula and will now be dry.

My heart smiled and I got tears in my throat.

When I went to pick up my prescription from the Pharmacy I walked by two boys in wheelchairs each with two straight legs in casts. I’d seen these two boys from my cabin window when their legs were bent to an extreme, now they have smiles and two legs that will let them run and play and open more doors for their future.

Last week I met the patient I’d donated my blood to, his tumor has been removed and he was up walking about, alive and well in part because of the blood our crew donated. He looked so happy and free.

I held a baby with a cleft lip who was admitted because he’s too malnourished for surgery just yet, he’s in the process now to get fattened up so he can have the surgery. And when this little guy smiled I realized I think cleft lip and palate smiles are something so precious and I am going to miss seeing them on an almost daily basis.

My heart smiled and I got tears in my throat.

Aside from community, friends and the like the thing I will miss the most about this life are my ward walks. For the last few years I’ve tried to walk through the wards at least once a day, to pass by and see the amazing beauty and life that happens in our hospital.

I’ve laughed with kids playing with balloons, cheered on kids learning to walk again on straight legs, clapped with the women as they sing and dance down the hall and followed behind caregivers (mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunties) as they walk with their beloved child.


And even on the times when the ward has been empty for my 30 second commute I’ve peaked in wards to see patients laughing with each other, nurses helping to make patients more comfortable, epic games of Jenga and lots of colored pictures and handmade crafts on display.

My most cherished memory of the ward hallway was at the start of the Mada 2 field service when the tiniest little baby was admitted to D Ward. This little weighed next to nothing. This little’s mom was exhausted at trying to keep her baby alive. A kind and outgoing new nurse, Anne, let me hold the baby and walk with her up and down the hall until feeding time. Each night for a week I came down to walk with this little baby up and down the hall for an hour. I loved this late night hour. I loved that I could help mama get some rest, that I could help this baby feel safe and content until the next feeding. I loved that I was allowed invited to participate in this patient’s life.

Just thinking about it my heart smiles and I get tears in my throat.


Though I am so sad that I only have a few more days to walk through the hospital and I know I will miss this daily routine of mine… I am beyond thankful that for so many years this has been my normal.


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  1. Always blessed by your words KJ….May you always draw strength from God’s faithfulness and His great love for you….

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