Endless Gifts (143)

Opportunities to catch up with friends before leaving and very kind gifts

Last fajita night!

Myriam’s unconditional kindness and friendship

An invitation for ice cream even if it didn’t work out

Another really great conversation with Renee

Quick doctor’s appointments and how easy it is to get prescriptions

Cabin 4324 last girl’s night

Last local food with Josue, Jeremy and Emmanuel

When the sun comes out for a weekend

That Martha always locks the door at night

Quick and unexpected FaceTime with Sandrine

Hosting my last ship tour with people who are truly touched and ask a lot of really good questions

Extra space in my bags so that my dinosaur dress can come home with me

Relaxed and chill going away party

Saturday brunch with the girl’s on a rainy Douala morning

Last walk through the hospital hallway

So so many hugs and thoughtful notes (and mentos!), including a last ghurka hug from Chitra

A very quick hello/goodbye with Dr. Michelle on the dock

Renee taking me to the airport

Brussels lounge access for the long layover and actually sleeping for a bit

Fruit salad and mixed red berries on pancakes

Discovering euros while packing which I used to buy my first overpriced but delicious chai tea at airport

And finally after two years an IPA

Drinking water from the tap, no filter needed

The immigration officer was nice and understanding when I was confused

That Ashley even considered coming down to see me at the airport

Friends who make leaving easier because the hellos are going to be so good

Lorraine and mom who cleaned the house so well for me so its an easy move in

The amazing and perfect PNW smell… fresh air, pine trees and oh so clean

When the wifi auto connects

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  1. Dear KJ, You have been such a blessing. I will always “see” you in my mind’s eye on the shp, and now I can be blessed knowing you are here, too,even if iyou a continent away!

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