Endless Gifts (144)

Dahlias on the porch


Netflix access at 2am when the jet lag really sucks

Discovering old favorites from storage boxes, including my Japanese tea set and crock pot!

Fresh raspberries and huckleberry jam

Afternoon prosecco with Carrie and finally meeting little man, Conner Cole!

New sheets and a queen size bed all to myself

A sweet little cabin all to myself


Free wifi everywhere

Painless SIM card purchase and a new local number that I’ll have for more than six months!

A car to drive even if its not my favorite

Quiet breakfasts by myself, in my PJs looking into the forest


Surprising Sydney and getting some quality time with Gen

The very thoughtful and kind gift of new clothes and shoes

Sun breaks and sun showers

Feeling slightly more settled each day

A girl’s weekend with April, Ashley, Lollie and Molly

Friends who understand when I’m not back at 100% and let me be quiet and little off

Food with flavor… so much flavor! I forgot how good food can be!

Molly sharing breakfast so we get the best of both worlds

Finding one of my favorite wines by chance – Black Rabbit Red


Time with family and the littles

Movie night with dad

Incredible sights and views of this city that I sort of love

All the bags from around the states that I sent ahead have made their way back to me

Internal pep talks to help me through the culture shock moments

Some really very happy news

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