Endless Gifts (145)

Plenty of time to sleep and rest and begin getting my pep back

Yummy Canadian coffee from Ashley

Clean streets and sidewalks to walk on

Clear blue skies and 87 degrees and still so much green


Getting to see Jeff and Carrie, Jesse and Katie, Allison, Casey, SV and Bryan and finally have a pizza from the Pizza Coop!


Whole milk… not UHT and chai lattes that aren’t expired

Laundry on demand and no more fear of being late to switch it over

Going outside and my hair not getting frizzy

A job that means I need to get up, get showered and be a normal person instead of just staying in bed all day while I figure out what I want to be when I grow

Wandering Cost Plus with Katie and Allison and trying out sofas and over sized chairs… someday I’ll have a reason to buy them again


Subway lunch with dad just like old times

Finding ThredUp and my first order arrived and was perfect


The Value Village truck is right near and I can keep simplifying and donating my old stuff

Finally getting Mexican food and getting to spend three hours with Anna catching up and making plans

Starting my own new Thursday night tradition with wine and candles a movie


Successfully navigating the highways and remembering the back roads

A little taste of “home” in my favorite little Dutch mug


Friends who are patient with me as I still try to get settled and have a lot of grace for me not returning phone calls or messages right away

Successfully pumping gas by myself for the first time in years without needing to ask for help with the automatic card thing

Reading a current magazine and not getting it three months later

Windsor’s sense of humor and knowing we can still make each other laugh

Flights for Scotland booked!

And flights for the Colorado debrief in November booked!

Just a few days until I get to see Tami again!


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