Endless Gifts (146)

Roasted red pepper edamame hummos on toast

Comfy new work shoes

Finding the book that Shea recommended


First PNW run and no rats


That cars actually move out of the way for runners

Law & Order SVU marathon

Sunny days even if they are cold

Finding fun memories in storage and knowing there are more laughs and memories to come


Clean sheets and a clean house for when I come back from California

Valet airport parking and help to pay for it

Watching the sunrise from the airport terminal and Mt. Rainier coming out to play

A quick flight and no compression socks needed

Getting to spend a weekend with Tami after too many years of not seeing her!


Friendship that just picks right up where it left off and life just gets shared and lived alongside

In-N-Out Burger

How Dare the Sun Rise 

Plenty of walks around the neighborhood with Tami and lots of really good heart conversations while we walked

Sunsets and palm trees


Iced coffee on warm afternoons

A really good homemade steak dinner

Views from the airplane and how great it is to see the PNW from a few thousand feet up

That God knows what we will need even if its months in advance

Getting a chance to see the City Hall used for Parks and Rec

One week until I get to see Wendy!

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