Endless Gifts (147)

I started a new personal tradition, each week I treat myself to fresh flowers, I call it Fleur de Lundi. Its simple yet reminds me that there is beauty to be found in any day.

Its been a challenging year, and I’m not just talking about 2018, I’m talking about the year(ish) since I returned from Mercy Ships. I’ve never cried so many tears, doubted myself or felt so rootless as I have this last year.

But I have also never experienced such compassion and love from friends and family and even some strangers. I have experienced a dark night with Christ but also a sweet comfort in that dark night.

And on my 36th birthday I went to bed with rain soaked hair, a laugh on my lips, a song in my heart and the resounding thought that life rarely goes how we expect or want it to but oh how beautiful it is.

So I’m back and my Endless Gifts weekly challenge to see the beauty in the now is back too…

Hot pink roses for the second Fleur de Lundi


Celebrating my dad and getting to hear him preach again

A crisp, clear sunny weekend with stunning sunrises and sunsets

Finally starting to feel myself again and easing back into workouts

Candace Johnson’s message about the Year of the Heart

A friend and roommate who is really more a like a sestra


Happy hour and laughs with Gen

Finding a true sprinkle dougnut (shhh… don’t tell my fitbit I had one)


Coming into work to find a sweet note and fun gum waiting for me

A team that supports and prays for me while I’m going through six weeks of mystery illness

Rocking an epic Christmas Unicorn sweater and a sweet co-worker who appreciates all things Christmas even well after Christmas


Quick and easy process to renew my car tabs when I had expected an expensive and long process

Catching up and dreaming as we do with the ever lovely Kirstie Randall

Family Christmas with the Port Orchard crew and seeing some very delighted kid’s faces


The men’s group from Timberlake Church that gave up their sunny Saturday afternoon to put together furniture for the new Acres office

Starting an exciting new impossible dream with a beloved friend

A sweet note from Shea who got to experience the Gum Wall in Seattle on her trip out


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