Endless Gifts (149)

A long walk on a crisp, sunny and gorgeous morning

“God is more interested in the success of your soul than the success of your bank account.” – Judah Smith

Getting to meet and share with some Vision House interns

Marco Polo with Dianna and the reminder how awesome Kid President is

“Love does that, it just keeps going, even when things are dark.” – Kid President


Prepare for success not for failure

Lunch with Misty from Special Delivery and getting to see God birth a dream in her heart

The new Bethel worship album, Victory, is out

Ellenos yogurt… seriously amazing


Local business that like to support good causes and local nonprofits

The Seattle Nativity School fundraiser and quality time with a quality friend

Chocolate dipped frozen yogurt bars and wine on a relaxing Monday Funday

Five months of working out and growing stronger – mentally, emotionally and physically


A proper work space and the opportunity to personalize it with a touch of gold and pineapples

Quick phone chat with a dear and lifelong friend

A team that is as flexible as they are effective

The Broken Harts podcast… a new interesting listen

Coming home to sunsets


Phone calls with wonderful and happy news

A whole week of restful sleep

Another spin class with Hannah… even if I’ve decided I don’t enjoy the spin

Lollie’s thoughtfulness and gift of fresh doughnuts and Diet Coke

The Chamonix retreat is filling up – just a couple spots left!

Isaiah 55

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