Endless Gifts (150)

Celebrating April Rose and catching up with friends


Happy hour with Krissy on her whirlwind last trip to Seattle

Friday night Costco run and making the best of adulting

Making new friends and laughing about the football team in our apartment

Taxes filed

Game of Thrones marathon has begun

Wearing a reminder of the beautiful people in Sakete


Roomie night and pretzels at Cinemark Reserve

Safe, sound and cozy in bed by 9pm

The opportunity to mentor and coach a peer and how life giving the first meeting was

Acres finally moved into our new office space!

A solid and fun spontaneous happy hour with quality friends

Finally cleaning out my closet of all my old clothes

Intermissionary had its first seed money and made a great new connection

Trusting God is scary at times but the little nuggets that remind us we are not alone are very, very beautiful and comforting

Weekend photos from Erin’s trip to Nashville

Sharing my purpose

Winter sunsets


Quick trips to the doctor’s office and no wait times

Unexpected but glorious sunny days

Warm and cozy workday in front of the fire while it snowed outside

A great conference call with Katie Callow and dreaming up ways we can better tell the Acres story

Team building and creative time at Northwest Art Studio



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