Endless Gifts (151)

Finally got TSA PreCheck… and it feels so good

UberEats on snow days and perfectly spiced Pad Thai

Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies… and cookies for breakfast the next morning


An awesome snap chat documentary about Steve… the guy who shoveled the snow on the hill across the way

Uber and Lyft drivers who saved Girl’s Night at the Ballet


The gentle thud and squeak of toe shoes on the stage and the glitter of crystals in the spotlight

The reminder that even fairy tales aren’t real they reflect something that is very real

Melting Pot dinner and remembering High School memories


Reading a book cozy by the fire

Palm Springs is just a day and some change away!

Dreaming up big things for Intermissionary and Girl Catch Fire

The Gathering has dates!

Valentine’s cards for Acres are signed, sealed and on their way

Finally getting to work a day from the new office

Going to bed and waking up to this winter wonderland


Laughing with Gen until I felt sick and nauseous

A wonderful meeting with Misty and getting to share some best practices

“Life’s short. Love is rare. Regret sucks to live with.”

Cross stitch Sunday


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