Endless Gifts (153)

My Lenten wreath from Joywares finally arrived!


Clearing out the inbox and getting back to zero action items

Planting my office succulent and yet another lesson in patience


Having in person 1:1 meetings with my team instead of over the phone

Finding the missing bottle of vitamins

A memory picture on my drive into work

Clean water from a faucet… will never take this for granted

Coming into work and seeing a very thoughtful and sweet gift waiting for me


When a sweet co-worker offers to bring me a coffee

In spite of scheduling mishaps and technical difficulties I made it on my first Firegirl Academy call and was rewarded with nuggets of encouragement and reminders to keep going and ask myself the million dollar question, “What am I making this mean?”

Back to working out and walking the sunny but cold waterfront

Dinner at Din Tai Fung with Lollie and running into new friends

That Larry David moment in the elevator

The gift of a happy light for a bit and how quickly it brightens my mood


The opportunity to speak again and share some wisdom with young women

Helping out with Operation: Girl Scout Cookie Drop

Hand warmers on a very cold morning

Pink water 🙂

Finally getting to catch up with Jillian and trying Tavern Hall’s Mardi Gras menu


Unexpected but very successful shopping trip and some lovely new clothes that were a steal of a deal

Game of Thrones marathon with Flipside wine and Samoas

Finally trying Woodblock and catching up with a lovely new friend

A lovely walk in the winter night and time to think, process and plan

Dreaming big and trusting God for even bigger when it comes to Intermissionary

Intentional time of prayer for what comes next and believing big dreams

“Strawberries… does that mean something?”

A very happy reminder of a Disney getaway



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