Endless Gifts (154)

300 Writing Prompts journal

The sun is back!!!! Coffee breaks in the sun


Easy filming segment for the Assistance League of the Eastside’s fundraising video

Making a good life choice… even though it felt far from good

Going to my first book club meeting and having a wonderful time with a group of women who enjoy life

“You and I aren’t promised a life of ease. We are promised a life of presence.” – Matt Chandler

Not one, but four sermons on promises fulfilled

A stunning sunset that reminds me spring is really coming and I will be ok


JuneBaby dinner with lovely new friends and great conversation

Trying fried pig’s ears… and yes they were pretty darn good!

Free massage that I desperately needed

Casting Crown’s Just be Held song

Being brave and standing up for my heart and knowing that I am supported by wonderful friends who help me stay brave

Firefly Ridge

Trying new things and experiences

Homemade chocolate chip cookies


Learning to cook fresh pasta three ways at the Sur la Table cooking class

The kind woman at the Safeway checkout who let me go in front of her

Little spider tickles

Productive and yet somehow still lazy Sunday afternoons


Coffee chat with my parents before their retreat

Catching up with Gen and having a safe place to go and be for a little time between appointments


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